Sevierville Skydive this summer

Sevierville Skydive this summer

Sevierville Skydive has got you covered if you are looking for something different to do on your summer vacation. Sevierville Skydive has the best views of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee and will do everything they can to make sure that your summer vacation is epic and unforgettable.

The team from Sevierville Skydive will give you instructions before your tandem jump so that you will feel comfortable when you take the leap of faith with a licensed skydiver from Sevierville Skydive. Once you are out of the plane you will enjoy the free fall before the shoot opens and you are presented with a breathtaking view of the last of the wildflowers that are taking over the mountain range. Once you hit the ground you will want to go right back up to enjoy more of the amazing views.

This summer add some excitement to your vacation and book your space with Sevierville Skydive. Call now.

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The Best Gift with Sevierville Skydive

Sevierville Skydive is the only place to consider if you want to give your significant other a gift that he or she will never forget. Call and schedule a tandem jump with Sevierville Skydive, or arrange a few lessons so that your better half can try a solo skydive.

Sevierville Skydive is the only skydiving facility in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee where you can enjoy the beauty of the Smoky Mountains National Park, and now that spring is just around the corner, the fabulous views are even more fantastic.

Just imagine the thrill that you and your partner will get when you arrange a tandem or solo jump with Sevierville Skydive. The wildflowers that you will see when you or your partner jump will be absolutely breathtaking, and best of all, you can relive the solo or tandem jump that your partner or both of you enjoyed when you opt for the DVD and photo package.

For the best gift, Sevierville Skydive cannot be beat. Call and arrange a surprise tandem or solo jump for you and your partner today.

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Book Sevierville Skydive Demo Team Now

Call Sevierville Skydive if you are stumped about your outdoor event this spring. Spring will be here before you know it and if you are an event planner who has never had the pleasure of planning a large outdoor event before, Sevierville Skydive can help.

Sevierville Skydive has the demo team that will help you take your outdoor event to the next level with two, four, six, or eight members of the demo team strutting their stuff in the air in front of your guests.

When you hire the Sevierville Skydive demo team, you can have them wear your team or company colors, or throw out gifts to the crowd, the Sevierville Skydive demo team can even use smoke in their amazing display.

For the best entertainment at your next outdoor event, you will not do better than Sevierville Skydive. Call and speak to the events coordinator from Sevierville Skydive today and book the team today.

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Go Solo with Sevierville Skydive

If you have always wanted to take skydiving lessons, contact the team of professionals from Sevierville Skydive who can help you pursue your dreams of enjoying the Great Smoky Mountains at over 12,000 feet in the air. Who knows, you may love the sport so much after you take a series of Sevierville Skydive lessons that you will want to become licensed yourself.

The professionals from Sevierville Skydive explain that skydiving is one of the most exhilarating sports that you will ever experience, so much so that most folks who take Sevierville Skydive lessons are hooked.

According to Sevierville Skydive, there is nothing better than jumping solo out of an airplane. That free fall feeling that you get before you open your parachute is like nothing that you have ever experienced before.

Stop dreaming and call Sevierville Skydive for Sevierville Skydive lessons today. You will be so glad that you did. Call Sevierville Skydive now.

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A New Hobby with Sevierville Skydive

Sevierville Skydive is a great place to take up a new hobby, and if that new hobby happens to be skydiving, you will not be disappointed.

The talented team of licensed instructors from Sevierville Skydive knows exactly how to teach you the basics to get you started on your first jump. Not only will you learn how to use your equipment, but you will also learn the techniques that will make your first jump out of an airplane that much easier.

Solo skydiving with Sevierville Skydive is exhilarating and something that you will want to continue with, and who knows, your new hobby just may turn into something more. There are plenty of licensed Sevierville Skydive instructors who started out skydiving for recreational purposes, only to discover that they liked it so much it became a new career.

If you would like more information regarding Sevierville Skydive lessons, call and talk to one of the customer service representatives from Sevierville Skydive today.

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Impress Your Date with Sevierville Skydive

Sevierville Skydive has got you covered if you are looking for an out of this world activity for a second date.

Reserve your space for tandem or solo Sevierville Skydive lessons in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, and the guy or girl that you are smitten with, just may want to go out on a third date.

Sevierville Skydive has the facilities and the instructors to take you and your date on the trip of a lifetime, 12,000 feet up in the air. Best of all, you can record the entire Sevierville Skydive date when you include the optional DVD and photo package with your Sevierville Skydive.

Dinner and a movie can get old very fast, and if you are planning a third or even a fourth date, a day with Sevierville Skydive is sure to impress your date even more.

Stop thinking about it and reserve your special date with Sevierville Skydive. It really is the best way to impress a potential girl or boyfriend. Call Sevierville Skydive now.

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Sevierville Skydive for the Perfect Party

Sevierville Skydive is the best place to plan a party for your best friend or a family member. The facilities at Sevierville Skydive are amazing and the perfect place to host a birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion where you want to wow your guests.

Talk to the professional team of licensed skydivers from Sevierville Skydive who can help you plan the perfect party.

When you book with Sevierville Skydive, you do not need experience as Sevierville Skydive has Tandem Skydiving where everyone of your guests can climb 12,000 feet into the air before jumping out of an airplane with a licensed and certified instructor. All you have to do is let Sevierville Skydive know how many guests you would like to invite, and who will be participating in the Tandem Sevierville Skydive.

Book the party of the year with Sevierville Skydive and don’t forget to add the DVD and photo package for everyone in the group. Call and make your reservations for Sevierville Skydive today.

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Professional Sevierville Skydive Lessons

According to Sevierville Skydive, there are different training programs available when it comes to skydiving. The original course was known as military or static line program training where a skydiver is taught to exit the airplane while wearing a parachute that automatically deploys thanks to a tethered line.

Sevierville Skydive explains that the United States Parachute Association uses the accelerated and freefall program that utilizes two teachers or jumpmasters who dive alongside the student. This occurs at 10,000 to 12,000 feet above ground. The skydiving instructors teach the student how to maintain stability while a series of training tasks are performed. During this time, the teachers will also show the student how to deploy the parachute.

The tandem-training program offered by Sevierville Skydive uses a parachute harness that is made to carry two skydivers. The Instructor, who is at the back, and the student who is in the front. This is the safest way to learn how to skydive as you are under the control of a professionally licensed skydiver from Sevierville Skydive.

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Become a Licensed Skydiver with Sevierville Skydive

If you have never completed your Sevierville Skydive license certification, it is not too late. The team from Sevierville Skydive can help you become a licensed solo skydiver in very little time, and it is much more affordable than you think.

When you arrange Sevierville Skydive certification with the licensed team from Sevierville Skydive, you can expect to have your license as soon as possible, as long as you stick to your plan of action.

If you have successfully completed your AFF-training program, you can continue your instruction with Sevierville Skydive in order to obtain your license from the US Parachute Association using the Sevierville Skydive one on one free fall coaching. At just $75.00 for a single coaching dive, which includes the equipment and your coach, you simply cannot afford not to.

Live your dream and schedule private skydiving training with the best in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, Sevierville Skydive. Call and book your training session now.

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Plan Your Spring Event Now with Sevierville Skydive

Sevierville Skydive understands that planning an outdoor event takes time, sometimes even a year in advance, and if you are the planner for a company picnic, opening day or other outdoor activity this spring, now is the time to reserve the demo team from Sevierville Skydive.

Turn your next event into an extravaganza and hire the experts from Sevierville Skydive. Skydiving exhibitions are perfect for outdoor games as long as there is adequate space. The trained staff will work with you to create an outdoor event that will wow the crowd and impress everyone who attends.

You can arrange to have up to six skydivers from the Sevierville Skydive parachute demonstration team flying through the air in colored canopies depicting your team colors or flying the American flag. If you are planning an outdoor seminar for a new product, Sevierville Skydive can deliver special items highlighting the product that you want to advertise.

Aerial stunts and colored smoke displays are just a couple of the options available from the experienced team from Sevierville Skydive. Call today.

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